Sunday, April 18, 2010

The comforts of home

Our regular evening at home consisted of Julie working on cross stitch, me working on my crossword and the sounds of Kruk and Kuip and SF Giants. Now you may think this is guy thing, but oh no, Julie is a keen baseball fan. She is a good spectator and it is uncanny the number of times she will make a comment before the announcers say the exact same thing. So it was with some sadness that we would be missing our baseball season. But wait. All is not lost. Technology is a wonderful thing. We signed up for the MLB package. With the purchase of a couple of cables we have our evening entertainment. Kruk and Kuip are such fun to listen to. When they get on a roll they are hilarious. They have cured me of one thing, I will never eat in a stadium again. They always seem to have some jab for the poor guy shoving a hot dog in his face with mustard dripping down his shirt. The poor guy gets his face on TV in front of a huge audience with 2 guys making wisecracks... "Look at that boiler. Hey buddy, could you put anymore relish on that thing. Try and get some in your mouth next time". Then invariably some friend sees it and calls the poor guy on his cell phone. Nope, no more eating at the stadium for me.

Tonight... Kruk, Kuip, Timmy on the hill, A Merle Reagle Crossword (the best from the SF Chron) and my baby. Life is good. All we need is a little Ben and Jerry's.

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