Monday, April 26, 2010

Captain's Away Day

We interrupt our regular programming to bring this special golf update. Ladies can turn away, as Julie is preparing a more interesting entry.

I played in the Captain's Surprise Away Day. A coach was waiting at 7:45 to take 28 golfers to a destination unknown for a Captain vs Vice Captain match. The bus took off heading south, through some "unsettled weather". There are many golf courses within 90 minutes of Dornoch and with each passing turnoff the locals began to narrow the possibilities. It was really nice to ride in the coach and sightsee rather than drive and have someone, who will remain unnamed, reminding me "Stay Left, Stay Left." We turned off and headed east through some beautiful farmland and past some tumbling streams. We passed a wonderful herd of "hieland coos", many pheasants in full plumage and an osprey gliding over one of the streams. We arrived at our destination, Grantown on Spey Gold Club. Great! A course I had never played. We were treated to coffee and bacon rolls on arrival and the teams were chosen. My friend Adrian and I partnered against the local dentist and a retired police officer. We were evenly matched, but Adrian and I meshed well and closed them out on the 16th (helped by a great birdie by me on the 7th. I will spare you the blow by blow descriptions of my golf. I save those for Julie when she needs something to put her to sleep). The course was good and scenic, winding through some woods and burns. It is not Royal Dornoch, but nothing else is. We were the last match in and the rest of the gang were in the throes of cocktail hours. I don't care what their handicaps were on the course, these guys were all scratch players at the 19th hole. We had ample time for a couple of adult beverages and a meal was served. The curry was outstanding. The prize giving began. The Vice-Captains team won despite the efforts of Adrian and I. The winners received an airplane size bottle of Famous Grouse and the losers received an airplane size bottle of Famous Grouse. Great laughs all around. Then there were after dinner drinks before we loaded up for the 90 minute drive home. The coach was much livelier on the way home. Many bottles were consumed and tales told. The coach rolled into Dornoch and the occupants poured out. Most stayed on their feet disembarking the bus, but not all. The party moved to the clubhouse for some more. I had had my fill. The next day I found out that the party lasted till the wee hours of the morning. At the 19th hole these guys are not only scratch players, they are professionals!

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