Thursday, January 21, 2010


So, I have been thinking about leaving. I have been putting off thinking too deeply on that for fear that I will spend the next couple months with the sadness of leaving overshadowing the joy of the new adventure. This is something we have dreamed of doing for more than ten years, so to have it nearly upon us is beyond amazing. But, at the same time, my breath catches every time I think of leaving my children, my mom, my sisters, and my brother for such a long period of time. To envision the actual saying of goodbye already makes me teary if I think on it for too long. Can I not quietly slip out of the country with no one noticing? I will just have to make sure I have my hankies in my pocket when I board the plane. And hope that by the time we are over Colorado my broken heart will be singing Caledonia in full roar.

Dreaming of a quiet moment in the Cathedral, followed by a G&T at the Eagle . . . .

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three Months to go

We fly out three months from today. Should I not be making piles? Lists? Decisions?

Nahhh. Maybe next month.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Packing 101

When you decide to put your life in storage, obviously one needs to make a pile, think about it, thin out the pile, think about it, thin out the pile, and think about it some more before putting it in the van to move it to the storage unit. Apparently we missed several of these steps. We don't really plan to own a home again, but if we do, don't you think we could buy a hose? A chain saw? Seriously, we stored a chain saw. I found a box with rusting gardening tools in it, that I do believe were rusted beyond usefulness when I packed them. We stored a coffee maker that leaks like a sieve. Tie downs and a tarp. And we don't own a truck!

Once unloading at said storage unit, boxes need to be stored with the labels facing outward. This is a key point, so pay attention. Boxes need to be stored with the labels facing outward.

Clothing. If it has a stain on the front where you dripped Taco Bell or some other greasy substance, throw it away. If it was a bit tight across the chest the last time you wore it, really, do you think it's going to fit you in three years or whenever this sojourn comes to an end? I did find my precious silk layers as April is Scotland is going to be cold, so there was some gold in that thar storage unit.

Kitchen items. Admit it, we all own a rusty cheese grater, flour sifter, or some other kitchen tidbit that probably should be replaced. But no, there they were, in a box, labeled, so it was done intentionally, sifter, cheese grater, turkey baster (with rotted out rubber bulb), cloth napkins (the black ones, anyone who has eaten at my house remembers those) stained with years of spills. I pat myself on the back that I would rather wash cloth napkins than waste paper, but for cripes sake, get new ones from time to time! These are an embarassment (and moreso because I left them in the box in the storage unit, just in case).

Just in case. Words that are going to haunt me when we finally unload all this stuff.

Dreaming of meat pies and Guinness . . . .