Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Being the Last One Picked for Kickball

I entered my first golf event and played today. I felt like the new kid in town not knowing anyone. That is quite an odd feeling that we have all been through. Meeting new people of completely different background and culture always gives that feeling of unease. One probably never comes to terms with that feeling. But nothing ventured nothing gained.

Last night laying in bed with rain splattering the windows and the wind shaking the windows, I thought this is going to be a terrible day for golf. I awoke to wet streets and the wind blowing a "hoolie". I bundled up and made my way to the golf course. The event was a Greensomes Stableford, a partners event in which we both drive off the tee and then play alternate shots from there. I was paired with Iain Fraser, a retired professor of economics. We played with Neil and Adrian. Everybody was quite nice and welcomed me to the group. We had quite a fun game and a close match in spite of weather that would send sane men indoors. It just goes to show that most of those things that cause us to fret are just our mind playing with us and really not a bother at all if we just get on with it. The wind blew and the snow came just as we finished the 18th hole. We got inside cozy and warm with a wee dram (for medicinal purposes only) and watched it really begin to snow. Turns out Neil and Adrian know friends of mine in California. What a small world. I am always amazed at the contacts made through this silly game.

Oh, Iain and I won the event. Maybe I won't be the last one picked after all.

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