Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time For This One to Come Home

So, now comes the end of our first gypsy adventure. It has been too great for words, though we've tried. The temperatures are going down, the pound is going up. Though I love it here dearly, it's too cold for my liking, so on we go. We are coming up on our 180 days so it's on we go, cold or not.

Today was my last day of working from Scotland. Truly truly, the internet is an amazing thing to have allowed me to do what I've done (not to mention my serious luck at finding a job that would let me do it). Forty hours a week is forty hours a week, but with my weekends in Scotland, it was hard to complain.

I had my last tango with The Beast today, six hours for two loads and half of it is still lying around drying. I will not miss that, but I think that's the only thing I won't miss.

The people of Dornoch could not have been more welcoming, and we've made friends that I believe will last a lifetime. The visual joy that has been part of living here I've tried to catch in photographs, but don't think I got close. We've come as near to living simply as we have ever managed, for all that we have said we were going to try doing that everywhere we've gone. The beauty of a landscape preserved, and appreciated with such enthusiasm, is something I will miss as we head back to the concrete mass that is Orange County. And I've proven to myself that I can travel about with my various missing parts and be just like anyone else. Almost. Touch wood.

So, I'll pack up my computer and my clothes, and hope that I manage to pack enough of what I've gained here to last me until the next time I come back. See you in April.

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