Saturday, September 4, 2010

Buses, and crowds, and noise, oh my!

Edinburgh. At the time of both the Tattoo and The Fringe, and we had tickets. Two Highland Hermits head for the Big City. The train down was thoroughly enjoyable, even if riding backwards did something to someone's sense of direction (not mine, for once). Checked in at the guest house, took a nap (as all over 50s should aspire to do when planning on staying up till 2 in the morning), and off we go. Down the street, past scaffolding, strip bars, and take aways. Hmmmm. Around the corner and there's the Edinburgh I know and love. Castle on the hilltop, flags flying in the wind. The Tattoo is an experience, rather military for my taste, but it is the Military Tattoo, after all. Stayed up late with friends in a bar that made me so very glad I'm not 25 any longer. It's way too much work to be that cool.

Two more days of wandering the city, watching some very fringe Fringe performers, two more good shows, good food, forgetable food, good pubs, and two, count them, two Starbucks frappucinos. A good time was had by all. Time to leave came on Tuesday morning and I was more than ready to catch a cab to the train station and depart for the Highlands. Not quite with my tail between my legs, but having proved to myself once again that I am not a city girl. Thank goodness.

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