Thursday, April 14, 2011

All I can say is ...

Yay!!!!! The 18th of April is almost here! We are off, heading for home. Or at least it feels that way. After our first trip in 1998, all subsequent trips to Scotland have been accompanied by a feeling of coming home, for whatever odd reason. Genetic memory, ancestral memory, or I'm just crazy. Whatever it is, I've got it. And I'm going home. I had fully expected this sensation to decrease somewhat over time with the number of visits we've made, but it has only increased. It's in my bones, Scotland is, and I'm going home.


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  1. Julie and Stan:

    I'm somewhat jealous as you head back to Dornoch, but delighted for the two of you. I have the same feeling every time I go over. Hoping to see you there in late summer, after I recover from the knee injury I brought home from Hawaii (long and painful story involving a paddle board and a big wave) In any event, I won't be able to play golf for the next few months, but my late summer Dornoch trip will be my inspiration when I get started on rehab.

    Hoping you have a wonderful time in Dornoch.


    Mike L