Monday, May 10, 2010

What's missing

So, it's been a month and I've been wondering what I miss. Aside from family, of course. I miss real Dr. Pepper. Oh boy, do I miss real Dr. Pepper. I miss a real clothes dryer. At this point I would be ecstatic with a clothesline in a yard. A line strung from here to there in the house. Something. An In and Out cheeseburger, though I didn't have one during our entire time in San Clemente (see below). And I do miss daytime temperatures higher than 50 degrees, but that will solve itself soon enough.

It's interesting that there's more I don't miss than I do. I don't miss having a car, especially with the price of gas up here in the Highlands; it's 1 pound 28 pence per liter, which converts to a little over $7.50 per US gallon at today's exchange rate. I don't miss crowds. I don't miss gazillions of people everywhere all the time. A lot of what I don't miss comes from having lived the last few months before we left in Orange County, land of 8-lane wide freeways and way too much cosmetic surgery. Probably had we come here from Davis my slant would be a little different. ;-) I don't miss the faster pace of life. I don't miss infantile political bickering. They just had an election here and from what we watched, it seemed that everyone was fairly adult about the whole thing. Though politicians are politicians, we did notice, and I'm sure the local folks have an entirely different slant on that.

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