Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Grand Experiment

Why I feel the need to do this I've no idea, but I'd like some kind of record of how (if) we pull this off. For who? Again, I've no idea.

What else can one do when you've lost everything in the real estate market, but still have a pension (him) and a job (me)? Fly the coop, that's what. Go somewhere you love and can be happy while you get over it. Scotland is a good place to start. We have pared down our life to a 10x10 storage unit, our clothes, and our hobbies, and to be honest it's quite liberating. Roof leaks? Call the landlord. Washing machine breaks? Call the landlord. Talk to me at tax time in a couple months and see if I am still so cavalier about the whole thing.

You will always be able to tell where we are by the picture at the bottom of the page. For now, we are still in California. Getting it all squared away, leaving the family, getting bills and banking down to simplest forms, dealing with exchange rate bandits (yes, Chase Bank, that means you), how to get six months' worth of prescriptions, and things too numerous to count that I have not thought of, all to be dealt with. I love a challenge, but I know we will get there and have at least one moment of 'how did we not think of this.'

Dreaming of scones and tea . . .

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